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Food Truck Booking Basics and FAQ's

What to know before you book...


1)  Are Food Trucks Clean?  

Food  trucks undergo rigorous inspections by numerous Health Departments.  Sanitation and safe food handling practices ensure your safety with all the food we serve.  The Food Truck Mafia holds our trucks to the highest standards and maintains the cleanest and most beautiful food trucks in Kansas City.  


2)  How do I put on a successful Food Truck event? 

  • Number of attendees:  The ideal ratio of attendees per truck is between 200 and 300, if everyone is expected to eat.  History has shown us that about 10% of attendees at public events eat.  We will follow-up about a week in advance to get an estimated head count.

  • Location, Location, Location:  We drive big heavy trucks that are 10' wide and 30' long.  Your guests will need someplace to form lines while they are served.  Make sure you allow for adequate room on hard and level surfaces for your guests to stand and for us to park without damaging any landscaping.  Choose locations with easy entry and exit points for both guests and vehicles.  Plan on the most popular trucks to have longer lines and be sure to provide ample trash receptacles.
  • Load-In:  Ideally, all trucks will be in position 1 hour prior to the start of the event.  If special temporary food  permits are required, trucks should be in place and ready for health department inspection 2 hours prior to the event.  Please have a contact person on site and provide a clear path to our final location. 

  • Organization:  The most successful events we have seen have efficient organization, trucks locations clearly marked, and everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing at all times of the day.  

  •  Marketing:  Telling everyone you know and everyone they know is crucial for a successful public event.  Social media posts, flyers, and e-mail blasts have all proven very helpful.  It is our job to feed the guests, not to get the guests there.


3)  I’m getting married and interested in Food Trucks for our reception, rehearsal dinner or post reception feast.

Congratulations on your big day! Our trucks can be booked for daytime and evening events. We will work with your venue to handle parking, permitting, arrival, departure and placement of the trucks.  Cost for booking a Food Truck starts around $1200 per truck and varies based on menu choices and service hours.


4)  My company is having an employee appreciation event, company picnic or client event.  We would like to have two or three trucks on site for guests to choose from.

We highly recommend creating a ticket system for your guests to help control cost, food consumption and to provide you with an accounting  system.  Depending on trucks and menu choices, a minimum purchase guarantee  starting around $800 would apply for each truck.   With this option you can expect to pay between $10 and $15 per person.  

5)  We are hosting an event and do not want to use tickets.  We want guests to be able to eat as they wish.  How do we pay for a service like that?

We would work with you to determine the correct amount of food for each truck to have depending on attendance, menu size, and number of trucks.  We would offer a flat rate fee per truck.  While a more expensive approach, it says worlds to your guests about how much you appreciate them.  This is also the quickest way to feed vast amounts of people.  Expect cost per person in the $18 to $21 range.


6)  We work in an area with few lunch options and our business park is interested in bringing Food Trucks to our parking lot for lunch services.

We are always looking to expand our locations and are happy to talk with you about the size of your facility, days of desired service, number of offices nearby and access for each individual truck.  Email us for details about a contracted lunch service.


7)  We want to have a fundraiser event and would like to have food trucks.  We would like the trucks to donate a percentage of the proceeds. 

We love to give back to the communities that have supported us.  We typically offer 10% donations back to the organization.  


8)  Do I need to worry about insurance or permits for the trucks?

The KC Food Truck Mafia holds our trucks to the highest standard and keeps all permits and inspections current.  We obtain any special permits that may be required for the locale.  Each truck is required to carry it's own vehicle and liability insurance coverage.  We are  happy to provide copies of documents as necessary.


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